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What is a Web Widget?

Before starting the discussion about the main topic, it's important to understand what a widget is. A widget is a simple tool that can be used on a website without the need to build the product. Sometimes, when you visit a website, you might see features like weather reports or stock market information. However, the website owner might not have created these features themselves. Instead, they acquire them from other providers who specialize in these particular services.

What are the benefits of widgets?

If, for instance, you have a tool website like a car mileage calculator, you can develop a widget for users to incorporate this tool on their sites. In this case, you can provide it as a free or paid tool. If it's free, when visitors use the widget on their website, they will see a tag like "Powered by your site name," which can be good for your website building visibility. Alternatively, if you offer it as a paid tool, you can generate revenue.

So, what is required for building a good widget?

If you have programming knowledge, you can build this type of tool yourself or hire a custom website designing company with the necessary expertise. Essentially, you can provide a JavaScript code or an iframe to embed the widget on the site.

Let's look at examples of 5 best widget tools:

1. Visitor counter
2. Christmas Day countdown clock
3. Stock market information
4. Weather report

Using these websites, you can embed the widgets on your site and display the information without building the tool.