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how to earn money online in Quora?


What is Quora?

Quora is a question and answer platform, similar to Yahoo! Answers, Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange, Answers, Blurtit, and many others. Unlike writing a Blog that is triggered by ideas that come from our own minds or experiences that have just happened in our lives, writing answers on Quora is triggered by someone's needs for certain information. Writing on a blog can be because someone is asking or we feel something is good to share, while in Quora we write because we want to help someone. A desire to help others is more called on Quora than on a blog. The triggers are different, you have reason to write on WordPress and on Quora so that they don't overlap. Questions in the timeline that appears will be adjusted to the topics we like so that there will be no irrelevant questions appear to bother us.  Quora has been the best platform for people to look for information and get the best answers from many kinds of people with different intelligence. You can simply meet professors, teachers or teenagers there. You don’t need to worry about the disturbance from topics you don’t like because you can set your interest.


How does Quora help?

Many people shared knowledge on Quora. Quora does not allow us to use fake identities because they are not in accordance with the rules they set. Quora has a very simple interface. We can answer questions anywhere, even just with a mobile phone Quora allows us to have a new perspective on a problem and keeps us learning even when we want to share the knowledge we have, including practicing our English. Quora has a community where we can meet directly and enrich the network. Meeting directly makes us better understand people who often interact with us in cyberspace. So not only as a question and answer platform, but Quora also functions as a better quality social media. You can meet them and you can also build a connection from there. Moreover, Quora also can help you to get money. How to make money on Quora? First thing first, you have to be a partner of Quora and not everyone is able to be a partner of Quora, but you can try by being more active there.


How to make money from Quora and payout?

The concept of income applied by the Quora system is quite easy, the more impressions and interactions on the questions you ask, the better the income you will get.  We will explain in full on the specific points below. The revenue system built by Quora is also quite interesting. So you earn the money from your question, the greater the earning, the greater potential you produce. The way to get payments is also quite easy, but unfortunately Quora still only provides payments via Stripe and PayPal, and for users outside the US, you can only use Paypal, you can add a Paypal account on the page profile - partner program - update Paypal. If you want to make more money from Quora than you should be active asking a lot of questions. Don’t bomb, but create a good question that could create a healthy discussion there.



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