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How to help Social Proof Tool to increase your online sales

What is the Social Proof tool?
Social Proof tool is an Online marketing notification tool, which provides various attractive widgets for your website & increases your sales by 20%.


How did it work?

If you are an online seller then Social Proof will help you increase your sales online, It provides you 1 line of code to paste it in your head section of the website and the best part is, it is suitable for all kind of websites like WordPress, Shopify, drupal, Custom made website or anything. Then after the verification process, you can activate different kinds of wedges in any corner of the website. And it'll start work smoothly.


How did it benefit for an Online seller?

After Installing you can set different types of widgets in your site like Special Coupon Widget, Live Counter tracker, Email Collector, Conversions Counter, Random Reviews, Emoji Feedback, Cookie Notification, Information Notification, Score Feedback, Request Collector, Countdown Collector, Sing Up/ Register widget and more.


When the visitor will come to the landing page,


  • it will automatically ask for a user number or email.

  • you can show any special discount coupons. 
  • Show any kind of video, which you want to promote.
  • Take feedback from your visitors/customers.
  • Show and special notifications like any special upcoming sales etc.


It'll help you to convert your visitors into paid customers and grow your online selling business.


So which is the best marketing tool in marketing?

Now so many websites are providing all these features. But if you want to use this service at an affordable price then CTRtool is one of the best solutions for you.

What is the budget required to use the tool?
If you are looking for the best quality at the affordable price the I recommended you use, the plan starting from $5 month to $195 annually plan, you can choose as your requirement.


How I can pay?

You can pay your PayPal and stripe account.