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Yes Sir!- GPS Attendance System

Are you disappointed about the attending status of your employees? Are you disappointed about the maintenance issues of your current attendance device? Don’t worry, we are here to solve your issues with new advanced Innovative Attendance System “Yes Sir Attendance System”.
Our system does not attract any device installation. You are completely free from maintenance hassle. Do your employees uses Smartphone then congratulation, you are capable to maintain the “Yes Sir Attendance System”.
This system uses a unique algorithm of GPS for locating the current position of the smartphone up to 1 (one) meter accuracy level.
This system also uses a special technology to compare both GPS and Mobile Network co-ordinate data to accurate the location.
The range of the GPS attendance is customizable and also working with altitude. One advance algorithm expands and compresses the range depending upon the GPS accuracy.
Multi branches attendance also supports here for field employees where attendance system adopted the information of nearest branch for accepting the attendance.
Advance reporting will provide the management a detailed view of the employees’ attendance.

Yes Sir!- GPS Attendance System

Top Features

  • Easy to log in and maintain your employee.

  • If you have multiple branches! no issue, You can connect them easily for different employees.

  • Physical devices are really challenged to maintain, In Yes Sir Gps Attendance System not required any devices, Just each of your employee need to install a simple android application That's all.

  • You can easily track employee time, How they maintain your official time (Incoming, Outgoing)

  • You can manage your all employee data in one software.

  • You can config late present amount deduction for each employee.

  • Monthly attendance report(PDF).

  • Monthly late present report.


(1499 / YEAR CHARGE)
  • 12 Employees
  • 2 Branch
  • Sub Domain
  • Customer Support
(1999 / YEAR CHARGE)
  • 25 Employees
  • 5 Branch
  • Domain
  • Customer Support
(2999 / YEAR CHARGE)
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Branch
  • Domain
  • Customer Support